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It takes a village to raise a child.

The mission of Village Vision is to assist kids in becoming strong, confident and thoughtful readers and writers. Village Vision also strives to build community connections in order to support and fulfill the needs of modern families. We wish to help create life-long learners who are responsible citizens of our Global Village.

Summer Reading and Writing Instruction offers:

  • Flexible grouping (need and interest-based)
  • Individualized instruction available
  • Complimentary consultation

Social and Academic Enrichment for K-4th Grade Students

  • Social Enrichment refers to the teaching of Conflict Management & Resolution Strategies and Peacemaking Skills. In addition to Problem Solving and Citizenship, it includes Life Skills such as Responsibility, Respect, Self-Control, Resiliency, Self-Confidence, and Cooperation.

Reading Workshop and/or Writing Workshop for Kids
"Our Celebrations & Stories: A Multicultural Perspective"

  • Reading Workshop focuses on literature study and reading strategies that facilitate comprehension and fluency. Reading instruction also includes vocabulary development, word study and parts of speech.
  • Writing Workshop focuses on the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, publishing, assessment), genre study, author study, traits of good writing, story elements, and writing notebooks/idea sourcebooks.

Stephanie Wyatt Ed.M.
3611 W. Barrett St.
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